Monday, October 6, 2014


 Since I am super far behind I am putting these up together.
Holdyn had a super fun 8th birthday!  She got a zebra chair
and some crafts.

 We took the family bowling and had lunch at the alley.

 Everyone had a super-fun time!

 Mike, Bonnie, and Jake Rocko came over for Holdyn's favorite....
Ribs for dinner!  We played with the dart guns for quite awhile!

 Holdyn's favorite, Bonnie, painted this hat for her birthday.  She LOVES it and has taken such good care of it.
 Kimber also got a beautiful painted hat from Bonnie for her birthday!!
After the ribs the Rocko's invited us over to do some riding.  
Of course, Holdyn could not have ended her day in a better way!
She sure loves Big Jon.

 Kimber had some fun riding on Seven-up.

 Cody's little bit of heaven, sitting at the Rocko's eating an otterpop.
 Bonnie and the girls!

 We also started Kimber's birthday off with some fun balloons!
We headed to Albuquerque for her surgery a few days later so we had her party there.
I am missing some photo's but will try to get them rounded up.  WE went to an indoor bounce house and had Applebee's to celebrate her birthday!  She also got a little stinker of a puppy named Stewy!

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